Virtual Bridge2AI Functional Genomics CodeFest

Event Dates: March 15-16, 2024


The Bridge2AI Functional Genomics Data Generation Project (Cell Maps for AI/CM4AI) is pleased to announce our CodeFest focused on leveraging the data and tools generated by CM4AI and leveraging emerging AI/ML methods (i.e., visible neural networks, large language models, and quantum machine learning) to accelerate use of the flagship data sets and tools produced by the project.

About Bridge2AI and CM4AI

The NIH’s Bridge2AI program aims to propel the widespread adoption and application of AI/ML in biomedical research by generating high-quality, flagship datasets and exemplify their use. Cell Maps for AI (CM4AI) is the Bridge2AI data generation project focused on functional genomics. Cell maps are detailed road maps of what’s inside our cells. With the help of artificial intelligence, we can better understand how cells work to create and choose treatments specific to a person’s needs.


Creating a cell map uses a combination of bench research and data science techniques in a systems biology approach to find relationships between proteins and characterize cellular structures and pathways. These maps can be used in pharmaceutical research and precision medicine, for applications such as predicting drug response based on a patient’s genomic profile.


The Opportunity

Do you have an interest in building AI/ML tools to process complex, biomedical data?

Do you want to leverage new data sets and emerging technologies to use biomedical data and predict clinical outcomes?

Do you have interesting ideas about how to create new AI/ML models that leverage biological network data?

Join colleagues from a wide range of fields and communities to explore AI methods and develop novel approaches that leverage CM4AI data. This includes mass spectrometry, immunofluorescence, and perturb-seq data, along with the tools used to generate cell maps. By participating in this event, you will learn more about CM4AI data and related resources, help improve the utility of CM4AI data, and build a diverse Bridge2AI community.

Bridge2AI CM4AI CodeFest aims

Who Should Apply

Undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral researchers interested in leveraging CM4AI data and tools as part of their research; Scientists and researchers from diverse disciplines as well as engineers who want to explore the applications of AI and emerging technologies for biomedical research. Computational expertise is not required to participate. Participants will be organized into teams with diverse expertise.

Potential CodeFest Projects

Analysis of CM4AI raw data (mass spectrometry, immunofluorescence, and perturb-seq)

Visualizing cell maps and intermediate data with advanced visualization techniques

DevOps approaches for reproducible AI/ML research with Ansible, Docker, and other tools

Development opportunities to enhance cell map generation pipelines

Integrating CM4AI and external data sets to generate cell maps

Leveraging quantum AI/ML for graph community and clique detection

Ethical use of cell map data and ethics of biomedical AI/ML applications

Using large language models to annotate and describe cell maps

CodeFest Schedule

March 15-16, 2024
The first CM4AI CodeFest will run from 2:00pm Eastern Friday, March 15, 2024 through 6:00pm Eastern Saturday, March 16, 2024. During this two-day event, the participants will focus on the use of information and emerging technologies, including graph networks, quantum computing, and large language models to explore cell maps and generate ideas for new projects and tools.