Leads: Jean-Christophe Bélisle-Pipon (PI), Vardit Ravitsky (PI), Yael Bensoussan (Co-PI).

The CM4AI Ethics Module will develop new knowledge and resources to identify, anticipate, address, and provide guidance towards the development, sharing and usage of ethical and trustworthy AI for human cell architecture (HCA) mapping and for functional genomics. Our Module will use a modified Value-Sensitive Design (VSD) approach to carry out an ethical inquiry into the specifics of HCA data generation and downstream clinical usages. This systematized conceptual and empirical inquiry will help identify normative guidance needs and gaps, generate ethics capacitation tools and guidelines, and provide an anticipatory outlook into the future. In addition, our approach is collaborative through a series of stakeholder consultations and participatory co-design modalities. The CM4AI Ethics Module’s iterative, inquiry-based, and data-specific approach will lead to conceptually, empirically, and technically applicable, efficient, and empowering results for the functional genomics ecosystem and the broad Bridge2AI network.