Skills and Workforce

Leads: Wade Schultz (PI), Cynthia Brandt (Co-PI), Samah Fodeh (Co-PI).

The CM4AI Skills and Workforce module will develop an infrastructure to support flexible educational offerings and modalities to be customizable to the needs of a diverse research community.  By collaborating with end users and Bridge2AI members, our module will 1) foster skill development for existing researchers and practitioners, 2) attract a diverse array of new individuals to this emerging field, and 3) develop a strong AI/ML-biomedical research workforce. We will accomplish this through the identification and removal of the barriers to workforce development for historically marginalized and underrepresented groups, creating cross-training materials and activities that span AI/ML, biomedical, and behavioral research communities, and leveraging our collective experience in workforce development for scientific and computational skills. We will utilize and expand our existing programs to further support outreach, recruitment, and retention to foster the development of a diverse research community.